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Bright PInks

It took me all afternoon but here are all fifty shades of the new Tom Ford Lips and Boys Collection. They are currently exclusive to Selfridges and cost £26 each. As mentioned in a previous post 36 of the shades are brand new and others are from previous seasons. Each shade is named after a significant male within Mr.Ford's (from his son, husband, nephew and anyone else who has made their mark) which is something rather out of the norm. I'v lost count of how many lipsticks I have that feature a female moniker but a male title? Unheard of! I rather like that a whole lot of us lipstick wearers will be able to purchase an almost personalised lipstick, perhaps one as a nod to your husband, boyfriend, son et al? Very clever and a sweet concept at its core.

On my radar is Adriano (of course), Luca and Flynn.

You can find all fifty shades here via Selfridges - link.