Yankee Christmas Garland Candle

I have finally given in and accepted that it is now Winter, time to pack away all my beloved Autumn scents and embrace the colder season. Don't get me wrong I rather like the Winter but wouldn't deem myself to be a huge fan of the home fragrances that come along with the season. It's not really a case of Bah Humbug but more to do with the fact I hate spice based scents and find pine to be overwhelming. If you are the complete opposite from myself then you may well enjoy Yankee Christmas Garland which happens to be one of the new scents for Christmas 2014.

Basically Yankee Christmas Garland is a strong pine fragrance, it is definitely one of the brands more intense fragrances - I was able to smell it through the box before I had even opened it. It is quite fresh and weirdly cool, if that at all makes sense? The addition of fruity cranberries help prevent the scent from reminding me of cleaning products which is always a winner. If you want to bring the outdoors, indoors this December this could be just what you are looking for.

Yankee Christmas Garland Candle £1.80-£19.99 via Yankee Candle - link.

This post contains a press sample.