The One with all the Dupes

I am fully aware that the Google search function on my blog (blogger hosted of course, hence all the problems) works when and if it feels like it. I also realise how annoying this can be, so inspired by Gemma over at missmakeupmagpie (who kicks butt at Pinterest btw) I created a board specifically for dupes.

Not just any make-up dupes but dupes that I found along the way. That way you have them all in one place with a direct link to the post/review, hopefully that makes life easier. I am only just getting into Pinterest, I tried it a few years ago, forgot, logged in and was a little bewildered by my boards. Tonight's plans include getting my Pinterest back into some semblance of order and of course following lots of pretty accounts.

My Make-Up Dupes Pinterest board will be updated weekly (working on it as we speak, a back log of 4,000 posts makes this fairly time consuming), if you fancy checking it out you can do so here - link.

Who should I be following on Pinterest, I feel so out of the loop!
Oh and a little shameless self promotion, you can find my boards here too - link.