Oily Skin Care Recommendations 101

I pinky promise that this is the last Pinterest board that I will announce on here. Promise. I fully realise that the search function on most Blogger blogs works haphazardly and for most that is less than ideal - myself included.

For now the best solution for me is creating Pinterest boards, that way I can group together all my suggestions, reviews and what not and you can find what you are looking for with ease. It is far less intimidating that a site glossary and let's face it we'd all rather see pretty images than a A-Z directory.

If you have oily skin then your luck is in as I have began a Pinterest board dedicated to your skin needs, all posts aimed at such skin concern can be found in here be it advice, product recommendations or a review. It will be updated regularly, later tonight I will also begin one for dehydrated skin, dry skin concerns and blemish prone complexions. I hope this is somewhat helpful, and if there are any other dedicated boards you'd like to see do let me know.

No more Pinterest talk out of me I promise *winky face*.
You can find my Oily Skin Care board here - link.