Aveda Warmth and Light Candle

Aveda is a brand that most of us associate with hair care but let me tell you that they also excel at skin and body care not to mention they produce some beautiful candles. Winter is officially candle season (if not some one should decree it so) and if you are looking for a festive fragrance that is a little less traditional yet fills an entire room the Aveda Warmth and Light Candle could be just what you are looking for.

A quick note on the packaging (all of Aveda Christmas 2014 is similar in design and identical in process) - the beautiful gift box is in-fact made from handmade, recycled paper and card which features hand drawn printed original illustrations. It is really striking as well as ethical, the paper is bought from the indigenous people of the Himalayan people to help preserve their land and fund their familes. The candle itself is chic, simple and a classic suit all design - white wax held within a large, transparent glass holder. Perfect for any room or décor style for that matter.

So yes the Aveda Warmth and Light Candle, what makes it so special? For starters it is both floral and spice based, it shouldn't work but it does. The spicy note of ginger is warming yet not your typical festive offering but it oddly works. I find some spices to be overpowering but the ginger combined with the light floral notes of ginger lily and clove prevents this from becoming your typical Christmas scent rather it is lighter and somewhat romantic. If you want a home fragrance that doesn't scream "festive" and yet leaves the room feeling somewhat comfier and cosier this is the candle to purchase.

Aveda Warmth and Light Candle £27 via Look Fantastic - link

This post contains a press sample.