October Beauty Wish List

I went a little crazy in the US and bought more make-up than I could possibly ever need so I am putting myself on a spending ban. I doubt I'll stick to it as I am not exactly known for my will power but I will try none the less. With only a few days left in October this is really my November wish list but as ever I am bogging myself down with semantics. Anyway here is what my heart is currently lusting after...

1, Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadow in Nude, I own this formulation in the shade Earth and I can hands down say it is one of the best matte eyeshadow and cream textures out there. The pigmentation is beyond belief, it stays put all day long, looks great and generally is a joy to use and apply. Earth is a deep brown so I think my next purchase will be the more everyday friendly Nude which I'd imagine will make a great base for other shades too? Find it here via House of Fraser for £19 - link.

2, I have the sudden craving for a deep lip shade but it has to be totally matte, plum yet slightly red toned. Not asking for much am I? I think the ideal option for me is MAC Nightmoth Lip Liner which going by online swatches seems to fit the bill perfectly. The only problem is that is forever sold out in store! It is currently online here for £12.50 - link.

3, Benefit Dallas Box Blush is my unsung hero of the blush world, it adds colour, defines and brightens my face all in one quick step not to mention the slightly ruddy come bronze shade is perfect for the Autumn. Basically this is a note to myself to say replace your broken blush Adrienne but also as a suggestion for anyone looking for something a little different this season. Try it, I bet you fall head over heels for it! Find it here via Debenhams for £23.50 - link.

4, I love to contour, I may not always get it right but man do I enjoy myself! I keep umming and ahhing over the NARS Contour Blush Kits. I look at them in store, think they are a great concept and yet never purchase. I have no idea why as it is not like I am shy in splashing the cash on cosmetics. I think the main thing that puts me off is that neither three shades are a "perfect" fit for my skin tone. I am willing to bet sooner or later I will end up giving into temptation and ordering the Paloma kit but for now I am still reading up on it via review. Find it here for £30 - link.

5 and 6, The NARS love in continues this time I am thinking about treating myself to NARS Sheer Matte Foundation (find it here for £30 - link) and NARS Powder Foundation (find it here for £31.50 -link) in the shade Fiji. I have this idea in my head that by combining both products I will have the perfect matte base I oh so often crave...either that or I will look cakey? I own NARS Sheer Glow Foundation which is nice enough but wish for something a little more full coverage with the same light consistency, could this be the answer?

7, I have come this close to ordering the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Gift Set more times than I care to count. I mean look at it - six dinky yet well sized blushes all in the cutest case ever. not to mention it is so well priced! What is holding me back you ask? Well I own all of the blushes and the highlighter minus Dandelion and yet I want it so badly. Someone have a word with me! You can find it via Boots for £29.50 - link.

8, Once my spending ban is over the first thing I will be treating myself to is Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe Nail Lacquer - it appeals to both my inner magpie and desire to be a mermaid tendencies! I also think with the festive season right around the corner this couldn't be more fitting. You can find it here via Look Fantastic for £18 - link.

So go on tell me, what are you currently craving?