Yankee Halloween Candles 2014

Yankee Halloween scents tend to be a blink and you'll miss them scenario as it seems so many of us love to mark the occasion with a candle or two. I realise it is only early September but as the trio of Yankee Halloween scents for 2014 are already online I felt it was more than okay to share my thoughts.

This year there is three fragrances to choose from, two of which you may recognise from previous years: Witches Brew and Candy Corn. In all honesty neither of the two rank highly in my list of must have Yankee scents but I will admit the capture the feeling of being a child around the time of Halloween. Witches Brew is a blend of spices and exotic patchouli, in my opinion it smells very akin to liquorice which is only heightened thanks to black tinted wax. If you prefer something a little sweeter there is Candy Corn which is more vanilla based and has been created to mimic the scent of sweets (my guess is this is due to trick or treating). Having never experienced Candy Corn I have no idea if this candle is true in scent to such delicacy or not. Perhaps someone overseas could enlighten me?

If like myself your favourite Yankee Candle fragrance is Fireside Treats then stop what you are doing and order yourself a Yankee Ghostly Treats candle or wax tart now! Yes our favourite light, toasted marshmallow based scent has been repackaged (and renamed) rather beautifully for the season of trick or treating! Easily my favourite Yankee offering ever and the one scent I can burn happily all year long.

A quick note on the packaging - isn't the medley of spooky yet endearing scenes on each jar cute?
I imagine once each candle is finished you could easily clean it out and pop a tea light in its place?

You can find all three of the Yankee Halloween 2014 scents via Yankee Candle £1.80 -£16.99 - link.

This post contains press samples and a poorly executed dabble with photoshop.