Sali Hughes Pretty Honest

Dear Sali Hughes I now have dark circles that not even the industrial strength concealer that is Benefit Boi-ing can help. Why am I mentioning your name? Well thanks to your book Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest I stayed up to the wee hours, devouring facts, tips and information and went without more beauty sleep than usual and trust me I need all the sleep I can get.

Good beauty books are few and far between, great cosmetic reads? Forget it, well that is until I began reading  Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest. I'm sure you will see plenty of reviews of this book in the coming weeks but I can hand on heart say I have not read anything like it. Unlike typical beauty books this leaves no stone unturned and is not filled with pretty make-up shots to fill the pages. In true Sali Hughes still this gets straight to the point yet doesn't feel like you are being lectured. There is skin care advice, make-up tips and even slightly risqué topics. It boldly goes where other beauty books don't and for that reason I tip my hat.

Any beauty question you may have this book will answer and I mean that - teenagers, those new to make-up, young ladies and mature ladies you will enjoy this book. Pop it on your Christmas wishlist or treat yourself just be sure to have a good concealer to hand!

Sali Hughes Pretty Honest is available to pre-order from Amazon - link.