New Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum

I think most who know me will tell you I am a Michael Kors girl, I have a good few pieces that I treasure and use to lap up every word the man spoke back in the Project Runway days (gah I loved that show). There has been a few recent Michael Kors fragrance launches, I personally wear Michael Kors Sexy Amber but that my just have to be replaced by Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum.

"White…a timeless hue. Always chic. Always luxurious. Always Michael Kors. Tuberose, sweet freesia, and musk combine to create the ultimate expression of sheer glamour all year round."

Yes. Yes and yes! Unsurprisingly (well it isn't surprising once you have tried the fragrance) Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum is an Autumn launch despite the crisp, beautiful bottle perhaps hinting at winter? Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum is a warm, cosy and familiar fragrance it is slightly powdery but utterly beautiful. It is fresh and cocooning yet warm and dare I say it fuzzy? It reminds me of stepping out a piping hot shower only to wrap up in warm towels. At first whiff I couldn't help but think this will be beautiful misted onto a Winters coat as a comforting breeze of scent when you'd really be anywhere else than standing freezing waiting on the number 11 bus home! Comforting yet sexy...that can't be easy to achieve and yet Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum nails it.

Top notes: Freesia
Heart notes: Tuberose
Base notes: White musk

You can find Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum on pre-order via The Fragrance Shop £38.50 - £76.50 (30ml, 50ml and 100ml) - link.

This post contains a press sample.