NARS Mizubake Kabuki Brush

£43 on just one brush! Say what?
I know utter madness but in my defence I am a weak person.
Very, very weak (no seriously I have no upper body strength).
Jokes aside I have slowly came to love my NARS Mizubake Kabuki Brush but I'm still not convinced it is worth the £43.

I'll level I had my eye on the NARS Mie Kabuki Brush and still do but it was sold out when I went to part with my cash and Space.NK points. Sods law as usual. NARS Mizubake Kabuki Brush is a small flat topped kabuki brush that you'd be forgiven for assuming it is a travel brush given its size. Although a full sized brush the handle and brush head are fairly dinky but don't let that put you off if you happen to be a fun of kabuki brushes.

Most kabuki brushes tend to be on the dense side which normally lends itself to cream formulations and yet the NARS Mizubake Kabuki Brush is the complete opposite. This is more of a flimsy, soft brush that in my mind has been designed for powder products. It makes light work of blending out harsh lines as well as being great at applying powder, if you have a really pigmented blush that you adore but find certain brushes don't properly diffuse the shade this is for you. I find this brush is great for creating an airbrushed light effect be it powder in the traditional sense or a blush/bronzer. I really like the handle, the textured handle means it is so easy to grip and the slightly weighted effect allows precision and control but yeah £43 is still over priced in my opinion...

NARS Mizubake Kabuki Brush £43 via Space.NK - link.