Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lush Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel Review

Lush Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel Review

In my household you can split us into two categories - Lush fans and erm...not Lush fans?
All of the girls love nothing more than a good Lush splurge or bubble bath for that matter and yet the males don't quite understand the appeal. Enter a bottle of Lush Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel and the whole game was flipped and reversed (does anyone recall the Blazin' Squad song of a similar name? No thought as much). Neither myself, sisters nor mum could quite get to grip with the unique fragrance and yet the male members lapped it up.

Lush Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel is an odd one, a blend of citrus, chocolate and coffee, much like the caffeinated beverage it is an acquired taste. In my opinion it is an odd fragrance and not something I could personally bring myself to use in my morning shower for which it has been created. The concept is that the caffeine, citrus and sugary sweet notes help to awaken and give the sleepiest of us a boost. In my opinion if you like chocolate and/or coffee, hopefully both, scents then this will be right up your street otherwise I wouldn't recommend blind buying as it is a strange concoction.

Much like any shower gel this cleanses and softens the skin (it can also double up as shampoo). So why such a bizarre ingredient line up? Cocoa powder to fragrance and soften the skin, Tangerine oil to uplift and tone the skin, coffee to invigorate and fresh Lime juice to cleanse and of course put a little pep in your step.

Lush Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel is limited edition and currently exclusive to the Lush Kitchen,
you can find it here for £11.95 - link.

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  1. Hmm... yeah that does sound like an interesting scent. I dunno, I mean I like all the individual scent components... but I guess that doesn't mean I'd like them all blended together. I never seem to have great luck ordering from the Kitchen anyway, so it's probably not something I'll end up with anyway!


  2. Flip Reverse WAS my favourite song from Blazin' Squad (maybe also the only song from them I knew, seeing as they weren't big in Germany ^^) - so, yes I know it!
    The mix of scents... well, it actualy sounds quite unique and dare I say, not for me :D but hey, if they manage to show males how awesome Lush is... you know, maybe if they add it to their permannet range I would give it a sniff.

  3. perfect

  4. This sounds really nice - I need to check out LUSH!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  5. The scent sounds very interesting, consider me intrigued!

  6. I've never really tried their shower gels, I tend to stick to Bath & Body Works' shower gels.

  7. I want this shower gel so bad! But I just can't justify paying nearly £12 for it. It's not worth that much and I'm sure there is something else out there on the market similar.

    It's meant to smell gorgeous though, I would love to smell it at least. :)

  8. I need to get my hands on this!! It sounds so unusual <3 | Giveaway

  9. I had a smell of it when they used to sell it as one of the 'exclusives' from the Poole store, not my kind of scent! But I have a guy friend who couldn't get enough of it.

  10. Ah, this was one of my faves! Loved the unusual chocolately scent. Killer name, too :)


  11. I love Lush products, I've been meaning to try a shower gel from there and so I might try this :)


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