Wish List July 2014

It has been so long since I have posted a wish list but I have decided to make it a monthly feature, a way to stay on track if you will. Should a little extra money come my way or perhaps a gift card or two (a girl can dream, some of use more than others) I will ensure that I only purchase something off of said list. Yeah it made more sense in my head than on paper...

1, I have seen nothing but wonderful reviews for the NARS Dual Eyeshadow's and like a little sheep (bah!) I have decided that I not only want a few but that I actually need them. Yes you read that correctly NEED! Personally I have taken a shine to the shades Europa and Subra but if you have them and could suggest a shade or two for this blue eyed gal I would be more than happy to take your suggestion on board! You can find the NARS Dual Eyeshadow's via Space.NK for £21 each - link.

2, My other NARS want is the new...well newish NARS Contour Blush. I will admit that despite visiting beauty halls almost weekly I have not seen this range of duos in person. Yeah I have no idea how that has happened either. I really must take myself to my local counter as I am not entirely sure which shade or should that be shades I would be - I'm thinking Olympia but would hate to part with £30 only to find it is too light. Hmm! Anyway you can find it the NARS Contour Blushes here - link.

3, Isn't Charlotte Tilbury make-up simply beautiful? As you can see I have two items I am currently lusting after. First up we have the stunning Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush in Ecstasy which I think will really compliment a tan as well as brightening the skin? You can find this here - link.

4, I would also love at some point to own a few of the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Colour-Morphing Eyeshadow Pencils again if you have blue eyes please let me know your picks as the shade selection is a little overwhelming! I'm also keen to read a few more reviews of said pencils as some say they crease terribly and others swear by them. A little off topic but I often wonder how we have reached 2014 and there is not a Selfridges location in Scotland? With Edinburgh being a tourist haven you'd think one would have popped up by now? No? Anyway you can find the eyeshadow pencils here - link.

5, One brand that never lets me down is ByTerry. Pricey yes but worth every penny in my humble opinion. Topping my list is the somewhat newly launched Aqua Print Eyeshadow pencils. I have heard that they are probably the most waterproof eyeshadow of its type. I'm hoping to pick up one before jetting off on my holidays! You can find them here for £23 each - link.

6, I already own the shade Flower Sorbet so I can contest that the ByTerry Cellularose Blush Glace are one of the best gel come cream blushes on the market. Basically all I want to say is that I am lusting after the shade Frozen Petal, nothing more, nothing less! You can find it here - link.

7, Lastly I hope one day to treat myself to Bella Freud's Ginsberg is God candle which is a blend of fig and tomato leaves. I realise that may sound less than appealing but trust me it is beautiful. At £38 the Bella Freud candles are in the same price range as the likes of Diptyque but between me and you Bella Freud is far cooler (winky face). You can find the candle here - link. On a grander scale I have the matching Bella Freud sweater on my Christmas wish list because who doesn't want to match their candle? Ha. If you have a spare £280 you too can be as kwellll as me - link.

What is on your wishlist...not that I need to be enabled any further you understand.