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Stella McCartney - Stella Eau de Parfum Re-Launch

Stella McCartney - Stella Eau de Parfum Re-Launch

On Wednesday I had the utter pleasure of popping along to Laudree, Harrods for breakfast with the one and only Stella McCartney. Yes really. Talk about a pinch me moment. It was here that I not only got to see the new bottle of the original Stella Eau de Parfum but hear directly from the creator just who a "Stella" girl is and the inspiration for the now cult fragrance...

Stella McCartney - Stella Eau de Parfum Re-Launch

First of all let's talk about the new bottle - beautiful isn't it?
A new shape that is sleek, masculine and feminine at the same time. 
It is this balance that Stella McCartney does so well and it is the same aesthetic that Stella applies not just to her ready to wear collection but also the scent balances of all her fragrances. I'm guessing most will have tried or at least tested Stella McCartney - Stella at some point in your life?
If not the main note is Rose which Stella McCartney associates with growing up, countryside living and is there anything more delicate than soft rose petals? I think not. At the press breakfast Stella McCartney explained that she adores roses but felt a rose only scent would be too much and to balance the scent she added pure amber essence. She mentioned that the amber addition was actually down to her husbands influence, she finds the scent rather sexy (oh la la) and thought the rich note would balance the rose notes beautifully. It does. It adds warmth and dimension.
It stops the main rose not from being powdery and transforms the scent into something complex.
Floral yet different and I guess that is why so many women wear it daily and why Stella has been favoured by so many since it's original launch way back in 2001.

Stella McCartney - Stella Eau de Parfum Re-Launch

So who or what makes a Stella girl?
Every single one of us. Stella McCartney told us that she first of all created Stella for herself and good for her, if I was going to put my name on anything it would have to be 100% me, kudos to Stella for not trying to please the masses. Secondly she stated that she has always been inspired by women, strong women, every day heroes and that is what makes a Stella girl. Am I a Stella Eau de Parfum girl? No, I personally wear Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y Eau de Parfum but that is a story for another time but you can now count me as a Stella McCartney fan girl. 

The newly spurced up (same scent, different bottle) Stella Eau de Parfum is currently exclusive to Harrods until the 1st of August when it goes nationwide. Prices range from £42-£74.

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  1. How lucky are you! I love her perfume!

    Lennae xxx

  2. Stella is one of my all time fave perfumes, it's one that I'll always go back to if in doubt! The event you went to sounds amazing, so lucky!

    Jade x
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