Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturiser

Isn't it funny that you spend all your childhood and teenage years wishing to be older and more mature then you hit your mid-twenties and begin to worry about ageing. Who said life was fair?
Now I realise I still technically have young skin which is line free (thank you Mama for the oily skin and round face) which may not make me the ideal candidate to test out anti-ageing products such as the new Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturiser. Trust me I always take this on board but I do know a great cream when I see it and as it delivers in so many other levels I simply couldn't resist publishing my thoughts!

So here is the official low down (with a little extra info because I'm cool like that). Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturiser has been created to work overnight - it contains targets age-accelerating proteins and helps reset the age of skin thus making it appear younger. Key ingredients include: an age-resetting complex of rare marine algae extract (antioxidant can repair damaged and stressed skin), to trigger the self-destruction of progerin (a damaging protein toxins that can cause the skin to age); peptides (plump and lift the skin), which work together with vitamin C (brightens), helping to support natural collagen; and hydrators to lock in moisture. 

For most of us the above will go over our heads and hey that is okay but kudos to you if you do understand the science of skincare. Basically Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturiser is a repairing night cream in laymen's terms. It sets to work each night to gently restore the skin repairing any existing damage as well as protecting the skin from future concerns. It is quite clever. Okay I don't have any lines that need plumping as of yet but I live by the rule prevention is better than a cure. Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturiser has a lovely, thick almost whipped cream like texture which is highly hydrating yet not overwhelming for oily skin types. It softens and oddly leaves my skin feeling really plump, it is non-greasy and feels comfortable on the skin. More importantly it doesn't break out my sensitive skin and works really well with my night time serum. Don't judge but I often skip night cream as I feel most sit on the surface of my skin rather than absorb instantly. The almost mousse like texture of Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturiser means this is a problem of the past and my skin can now get some much needed night time nourishment to ward of premature ageing.

The great thing about Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturiser is that it can be used by more mature skin types to wind back the years or younger skins as a preventive measure. Pretty cool huh?

Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight Moisturiser £44/60ml via Debenhams - link.

This post contains a press sample.