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Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera Review

Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera

One of the few products I pop into Holland and Barrett for is Aloe Vera Gel, I have spoke about Aloe Vera Gel countless times so it was a pleasant surprise when the Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera landed on my door step. I know not everyone is completely sold on sample boxes but for $33 (just over £20 ) you receive a box packed with 4 - 8 full sized products as well as deluxe samples all of which are beauty products. Here is what is inside the MeMeBox Superbox #30...

"Experience the wonders of aloe vera’s soothing and rejuvenating properties in its fullest with our new Aloe Vera Box! Greatly praised and long-cherished as a miracle herb in the beauty world, aloe vera is a highly succulent plant enriched with various vitamins, minerals, and other anti-inflammatory properties, which help treat blemishes, defend against signs of ageing, deliver intensive hydration, and even provide instant relief from sun burns in the summer. Get ready for the scorching summer with what Aloe Vera Box has to offer!"

Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera

Purederm Skin Soothing Moisture Mask Aloe Full Size 
A gel like moisture mask that instantly cools and calms the skin, it is intended for the face but could really be applied anywhere you wish - I think it would be great on the feet/legs. It contains both Aloe Vera gel and Olive Oil smells great and only has to be applied to the skin for 15 minutes to reap the full moisture benefits. A great product in a great huge size.

Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera

Purederm Nose Pore Strips in Aloe 
I adore pore strips, probably more than one should. I like that these really grip to my clogged pores and help to clear the skin. The smell great and work as well as any other pore strip I have used. Just don't look at the strip after use. Yuck!

Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera

Enesti Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 
Straight up Aloe Vera Gel yeah buddy! A light, hydrating gel that cools and calms the skin. It can be used on sunburn, general burns and just to soothe the skin in general. It smells wonderful, really fresh and I personally like to use this gel on my brows before plucking to numb the skin.

Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera

Real Beauty (Real Skin) Ultra Waterfall Serum 
The only product in the box I don't quite get, it is marketed as a serum yet basically feels like a water mist on the skin. Not that I am complaining as we all need a good water mist to cool the skin in the summer but a serum it is not. It does have lots of skin care benefits according to the official site, the jury is still out on this one.

Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera

Enesti Suanbo Spa Aloe Multi Care Mask
In essence these are sheet masks, sheet masks with lots of Aloe Vera. The idea is that they have been created for tired and dehydrated skin and aim to moisturise, soothe and rejuvenate in one step. I have to agree, for something you leave on your skin for a mere 10 minutes the results are great. My skin is a little dehydrated and afterwards felt soft and more plump. The funny looks on the train were well worth it ha!

Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera

Ramosu 100% Pure Extract Aloe Vera
This is 100% pure Aloe Vera which you add to any moisturiser or skin care product. The idea in doing so is that "aloe vera extract carries the intense moisture level of the original aloe vera leafs and thus delivers an instant moisture surge and cooling effect to the skin". Once my skin recovers from the hives out break this will be added to my usual night cream. Isn't this such a cleave concept.

Memebox Superbox #30 Aloe Vera

Grinif Aloe Mist Moisture Care
In my opinion the box should have only included this mist and left the Real Beauty (Real Skin) Ultra Waterfall Serum out as in essence they are very similar. A cooling facial mist that contains Aloe Vera to cool and soothe the skin. I don't recommend using this over make-up as it is a fairly wet mist if that at all makes sense but it has been residing on my bedside table for the warm sticky nights.

You can find the MeMeBox here - link
and you can take $5 off on any order using the code: C6A47J 
(Valid date until the end of July, limit to one time per customer.)

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