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Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser Review

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser

For the last two or so years I have applied SPF to my face and hands daily, if it sunny I also apply it all over my body but I do think it is important to stress I live in Glasgow so yeah that isn't all that often. As a result I do look out for facial moisturisers with a high SPF, I know research has proven than SPF above the 30 mark isn't any more effective but I think the more products that contain an SPF the better? Do I have research to prove this? Nope but in my mind it makes sense. In the last few months one new facial moisturiser that gets the thumbs up from me is the Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser.

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser
Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser

So yes Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser. From the get go I knew I'd love this - a luxuriously created, hence the hefty price tag, it contains evening primrose oil(can calm redness and inflammation), shea butter (nourishing), jojoba (de-congests and moisturises), honey (antiseptic) and lavender oil (antiseptic and encourages the skin to heal quicker) and more. The texture of Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser is a little different from any of their other skin care products I have used, it is thick, creamy and almost jelly like. Yet despite this it quickly absorbed into the skin, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and leaves my skin feeling hydrated not overwhelmed as soon as I apply. For a day cream this is really moisturising, so much so that I feel it will be adequate enough for dry skin types too yet it does not reek havoc on my oily/combination prone skin! The fact that it contains an SPF 30 is only a bonus in my opinion, I would use this moisturiser daily even if the SPF wasn't contained.

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser

A deeply hydrating yet light, moisturising cream that not only contains an SPF 30 but gives the skin a beautiful glow. Said glow is because Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser contains a dollop product of a favourite product of mine - Lush Feeling Younger. This wears well under make-up but in my opinion this is the perfect moisturiser for taking away on an exotic holiday when make-up is not the order of the day and all you want is soft glowing skin. You know the script you have a beautiful new bronze tan, your skin is looking great and your make-up bag is collecting dust back in the hotel yet you want to add a little radiance to your skin for holiday photos. This is the product you need! Glowing skin that is nourished not to mention protected against the sun rays. As you can see I am quite the fan and hope that a matching sun lotion for the body is on the way! I'd even settle for a body lotion minus the SPF!

At £32.50 it is by far one of Lush's most expensive products but it is rather dreamy, it is one of those products you will try in store and walk away hooked. You have been warned!

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser £32.50/45g via Lush - link

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  1. wow, so expensive for Lush! x

  2. Wow! Sounds good will try it. xo

  3. That really is expensive for LUSH! x

  4. Ah this is one I can't use because of the Lavender oil (which I'm quite relieved about due to the price!) x

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