There are very few high street candle brands that can rival Lily Flame Candles in both presentation and bang for your buck. I own a good few Lily Flame Candles and have yet to be disappointed with their scent throw, they may be small but my goodness do they pack a punch. I have been slowly getting to grips with the scent Blush...

First of all Lily Flame Blush Candle is pretty much what my childhood dreams were made of, doesn't it look dreamy with its pretty pink and white dreamy design? If any candle was to be fit for a fairy tale princess it would be this. Lily Flame are renowned for their small tin design which features a colour co-ordinated paper outer and chunky wax design. Said chunks actually melt down pretty much from the first use and become little coloured blobs almost instantly but it is a nice touch all the same.

"The First Kiss of the Night! Up close, A sultry, heady scent, when dissipated into your room, a unique, beautiful thing. It'll bring a smile to your face."

So yes on to the scent of Lily Flame Blush, it is a funny scent and one I have really struggled to pin point.
In some aspects I agree with the masses this does indeed remind me of Thierry Mugler Angel EDP, deep, musky yet sweet at the same time and then at other moments it is nothing alike...either that or my sense of smell is really playing up. I think that although musky and sweet Blush lacks the bitter chocolate note of Angel and that is what sets them apart. I wouldn't personally burn this fragrance in the warmer months but rather wait until Autumn/Winter. Summed up Lily Flame Blush is deep, sensual, familiar and yet oddly comforting, it is one of the brands stronger scents and more than fills a room. I burnt this for around two hours on Tuesday night and could smell it the following day throughout the house, impressive non?
Okay this scent may not have me entirely on board but the brand has certainly grabbed my attention so I will be picking up more fragrances in the future.

Lily Flame Blush Candle £8.50 via Love Aroma - link.

This post contains a press sample.