La Bella Eau de Parfume by Samantha Faiers and Interview

Samantha Faiers has just recently launched her début fragrance La Bella Eau de Parfume which is exclusive to The Fragrance Shop. I was not only lucky enough to receive a bottle to test out but also interview Samantha Faiers all about her newest venture.

I am not typically one to be swayed by celebrity fragrances, they tend to be sickly sweet and just not at all my thing but I can hand on heart say that La Bella Eau de Parfume by Samantha Faiers Eau de Parfum is divine. It is a grown up almost musky floral that will appeal to those who perhaps like Versace Woman. It wears exceptionally long on the skin yet it is never overpowering with notes of sweet vanilla as a top note, with iris flower, benzoin and warm, fruity, biscuit accord at the heart. To ensure the fragrance is long wearing and powerful a base of musk and caramel has been composed. The bottle is beautiful - a large show stopping crystal number which may not be ideal for travel but I do think it will look great on any dressing table. Now on to what Samantha had to say about her first foray into the fragrance market...

Hi Samantha, has it always been a dream of yours to one day create your own fragrance?
Not really, growing up I was always interested in cosmetics and fashion (Sam also owns Minnie's Boutique)
and of course still - probably more so now than then but you never really dream of being able to create your own fragrance as it seems so unlikely to happen. When I was offered the opportunity I jumped at the opportunity and was clear from the very beginning that I would be involved in the whole process. It had to be exactly how I envisaged it, I simply wouldn't put my name to just anything that was and is never the direction I want to go. From the notes of the scent to the packaging I was involved every step of the way.

Very admirable, can you tell us what is behind the name "La Bella"?
La Bella in Spanish means the beautiful. Growing up I spent a lot of time in Spain, in fact my grandparents still reside there. After creating the parfume the name just seemed apt and of course it gives a little nod to a country I love visiting. 

Who or what did you draw inspiration from when creating La Bella?
I was driven by my own personal taste, I adore luxury brands such as Jo Malone and Chanel and wanted my creation to look at home in amongst my perfume collection so the bottle is very chic and expensive looking.
It was in the same vain that I chose the notes to create my scent, I wanted it to smell very luxurious and appeal to all ages.

How would you describe La Bella to those who have yet to experience it?
In my opinion it is a very sophisticated scent but at the same time it is sweet and very feminine.
When I first began to wear and test samples of La Bella not a day went past without several compliments of my fragrance choice. Most wanted to know what I was wearing which is only a good thing.

Who did you create La Bella for?
Honestly? Myself. I wanted to create a fragrance that I truly loved and would personally wear.
Being in the public eye for the last couple of years I have got to know my fans along the way and find what I like they do too. My hope was to not just create a signature scent for myself but for other women too. I am proud that La Bella is very much a suit all ages and occasions fragrance.

As mentioned is exclusive to the Fragrance Shop £24.50/100ml - link.
Samantha Faiers will be signing for her début fragrance La Bella on the 5th of July (this coming Saturday) at The Fragrance Shop in Buchanan Galleries Glasgow from 2pm.

This post contains a press sample.