Diptyque Winter Candles 2014

At the Space.NK Christmas 2014 event my beady eye honed in on three new festive Diptyque candles. I stood for a while and inhaled each new scent, promising myself that come launch (October) I believe that I will treat myself to one...

If you don't like typical Christmas packaging i.e red, gold and glitter in an abundance then I think you will appreciate the new Diptyque Winter 2014 candles. All three scents come in two sizes much like the permanent Diptyque candle range - the small size retails for £20 and the larger £45, I imagine this range will come in at the same price point. The smaller size features solid coloured frosted glass votive holders each of which has golden and white etchings, very intricate and almost like the wings of a butterfly. They really are beautiful. The larger size is similar in design but the main difference is that the candle holders have a gradient effect and instead of being frosted in finish the glass is glossy. At the moment I have the words divine, luxe and art deco swimming around my head, make of that what you will.

Now please forgive me that I don't have any official notes or blurb for each candle, that is how new they are but there is three scents to choose from: Resine (resin) - I can recall thinking of treacle when I was pawing this candle, Opice (spices) - this is a blend of spices, the most festive of the trio and not my favourite of the bunch and lastly Hiver (Winter) - this is beautiful, it is a little spicy but mellow and had me hooked from the get go. 

Obviously this is just a taster post, once the candles launch I will hit my local Space.NK and pick them up and review in full but aren't they pretty! Does any scent stand out for you or are you a little like myself and sold purely on the candle holders beauty?