Beauty Quick Fixes

We all like to look our best but sometimes time simply isn't on our side, with that in mind I have gathered together some great products and tricks to help you make the most of your time!

Despite having long hair I have a non-fuss approach - that is probably why my roots are now closer to my ears than scalp! Two products I recommend are Macadamia Flawless which is a bizarre mousse product that not only washes the hair but conditions in one quick step. It is infused with Macadamia Oil to protect and restore the hair, I will be honest in saying that I like to use this every now and then but find it can be a little heavy and weigh my hair down if I use it too often. However it is perfect for those in a rush or even to take to the beach? The one multi-tasking hair product I recommend and use every single time I wash my hair is Uniq One All in One Treatment, this is essentially a leave in conditioner that de-tangles but also repairs and has UVA and UVB filters not to mention it protects against heat too. Pretty wonderful huh?

While we are on the the topic of showering may I recommend Right Guard Shower + Oils, this is a shower gel come shower oil that not only cleanses the skin but moisturises in one quick step. I personally love shower oils but realise that the price point and texture for that matter won't be for everyone so this is the next best thing. My personal favourite has to be the Argan, Marula and Almond Oil blend not only does it smell amazing (sweet yet floral) but the blend of oils quickly quench dry and flaky skin. At a mere 99p a bottle everyone's shower should have one.

We all know that nothing beats a proper skin care routine but the majority of us will be pretty lax at some point or other. Be it due to being a little worse for wear, you are travelling or simply have hit snooze one to many times Eucerin DermatoClean Micellar Cleansing Fluid is a 3 in 1 Cleanser that removes make-up, general dirt and grime and to an extent eye make-up. It doesn't sting nor does it leave behind a greasy film. It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and the kicker is it also tones the skin too! Not bad for less than a tenner.

Looking a little pasty but don't have the luxury of having countless hours to wait on a self tan to develop? You need to try He-Shi 1 Rapid Hour Liquid Tan - this light, true liquid which is tinted doesn't seep through the mitt and is a dream to apply. The liquid texture means it spreads on to the skin (you barely have to use any product so this bottle will last for an age) with ease as well as drying in record time. As it is tinted you can see where you have applied it resulting in no streaks or patchy areas. It really is a dream of a self tanner. Oh and the kicker? After a mere 60 minutes you can rinse it off to unveil beautifully bronzed skin. I swear by it.
My teeth are less than perfect, I dream of having a whiter than white smile but to be honest don't think I could put up with the at home kits. I need something quick and easy not to mention safe. If that sounds familiar you may want to pop over to Smile60, they offer whitening treatments in city locations that only take a mere 60 minutes. A Hollywood smile in your lunch break? Yes please!

Do you have any beauty quick fixes I should know about?

This is a sponsored post and also contains press samples.