Love Aroma Candle Haul

Not so long ago I was contacted by Love Aroma and asked if I would like a surprise selection of candles, being the huge candle nut that I am I of course said yes. Here is what I received...

First of all I not only buy but get sent a lot of candles which I am eternally grateful for but the level of care that has went into not only ensuring my candles got to me safe and sound but also that the package was a joy to open. Love Aroma do something a little difference they mist a room spray onto the box packaging supplies so when you open it you are greeted with a lovely hit of scent. It is such a sweet touch and a great way to experience a new scent. Anyway enough about the packaging and on to the goodies!

Let's kick things off with a new Yankee fragrance - Yankee Berrylicious Jar Candle, what can I say I love this. I haven't had the chance to burn this properly but in my opinion it smells really similar to blue Push Pop lollipops. If you like sugary, sweet treats this is something I can see you enjoying this summer. You can find it here - link.

In this package I was introduced to a new brand - Paddywax. From what I have read online Paddywax use only soy wax and blend natural fragrance oils to create bespoke fragrances all of which are poured into mason jars - how very twee! I have the scent Sweet Cream and Honey which in my opinion has to be the most authentic honey fragrance I have ever experienced. I am not a honey in any aspect but have to give kudos to the brand for being able to create such a true to life scent. If you are crazy on honey this should be the next candle you purchase. You can find it here - link.

Who can resist a Lily Flame Candle? Not me that is for sure. From the packaging to the sweet little chunks of differently coloured wax that decorate the inside of this brands candle range I find it very hard to walk past a stand. I was sent Lily Flame Blush Candle which is one of the brands best selling scents along with Fairy Dust. Blush reminds me of something and I can't quite think what. On Instagram some have said it is similar to Thierry Mugler Angel EDP which I do agree with but that is not what it is triggering in my mind. I'm going to burn this for another few nights in the hope of being able to put my finger on just what it reminds me of. Look out for a full review in a couple of days, until then find it here - link.

This post contains press samples.