Yankee Sweet Dreams Candle

The nights have become lighter, now don't get me wrong I adore longer hours of natural light but man oh man am I struggle to drift off at night. A few days ago I received the Yankee Sweet Dreams Candle and felt my stomach drop - Yankee Lavender and Vanilla combined with Yankee Soft Blanket. Literally the only two fragrances fragrances from the brand that I loathe and yet it has been flickering away each evening and here is why...

Yankee Sweet Dreams Candle is of course a swirl candle, a combination of two of Yankee's best selling fragrances combined to create a unique and almost new scent. As with most of Yankee's swirl combinations Yankee Sweet Dreams Candle is limited edition but you could easily recreate the fragrance by burning the two stand alone scents (the cheapest and easiest way to do this would be with wax tarts) together. As mentioned I am not a fan of Yankee Lavender nor Yankee Soft Blanket - I loathe Lavender fragrances and find Soft Blanket is a very dry scent that tends to suck the air out of any room. Yet combine the two and I am sold.

Why? The two fragrances combined create a sleepy, dream time scent that is perfect to burn while snuggled up in bed. Can you smell the lavender? Not really it is more akin to the likes of a pillow mist and oddly Johnstone's Baby Bedtime Bath. Soothing, calming and not at all overpowering.

When this launches (£16.99) I highly recommend checking it out!
This post contains a press sample.