Yankee Summer Fragrances 2014

At the moment Yankee Direct have all Yankee Wax Tarts for £1 or less and as I only bought a few new scents over the weekend I thought now would be a good time to share my picks before the offer ends?

Today it is raining rather hard and I am one of those people whom is affected by the weather in terms of mood hence why I have a huge collection of home fragrances. I find that a fruity or citrus based candle or wax tart can help to uplift my mood. However saying that when the colder months roll in I do enjoy more cosy, bakery type scents. Before I completely go off on a tangent let me introduce you to one of Yankee's newest fragrances - Yankee Margarita Time. Much like the drink of the same name this is a lime based scent that is sweet but not overly tart. If you like bright, zesty fragrances and want to fill your entire home with a citrus scent this is the tart to go for as the scent throw is incredible. Just half of this tart fills my entire home. It most certainly smells of lime but icy lime if that at all makes sense? Aquatic lime? No? Maybe I have lost the plot after all.

An oldie but a goodie has to be Yankee Mango Peach Salsa which oddly smells nothing like peach, salsa or even mango! Rather it is a tropical fruit offering that is bright, cheery and reminds me of fruity cocktails. Out of the three I'd say this is the safe option, I think you would be hard pushed to find someone who didn't enjoy this. Also this is the fragrance I heavily rely on to turn a foul mood around. In a sentence? Summer in wax form.

Lastly I have what I would deem to be an evening fruity option, Yankee Midnight Oasis which isn't available on Yankee Direct but can be found here for £1.49. This is a grown up fruity offering which has been paired down by sandalwood, I'd go as far as saying it is romantic and reminds me of long, warm summer evenings. It almost has a musky quality and again with my vivid imagination smells somewhat similar to a flowering board walk near the sea. Again this is a fairly strong scent so you may want to only burn a little at a time to prevent it from becoming overpowering.

You can find all the £1 or less wax tarts here.