Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar

Normally when writing a Lush review you can sense my enthusiasm from the get go but I have to be entirely honest and say that myself and Lush Full of Grace Serum bar have yet to fully hit it off. Now don't get me wrong it is a great product, that does all it claims to and more but I just can't seem to fully get on board...

When you think about it despite being a solid serum bar Lush Full of Grace Serum is unlike any other serum in that you essentially apply it with your hands and yet it took some getting used to. In-fact I'm still not sold on the application process. You see this solid bar of serum evolves into a silky oil based serum once it comes into contact with the heat of your hands. The idea is that you use this serum before your usual moisturiser to calm, soothe and further hydrate your skin. As I swear by Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Serum which I use religiously each night (and won't be changing that any time soon), I choose to use Lush Full of Grace as a day time moisture boost as my skin has been so dehydrated. I have been applying a little of this serum each morning and will contest that I like that it feels light on my skin, hasn't further clogged my pores (forever a worry with oil based products) and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. It is also a bonus that it doesn't alter any make-up applied on top and certainly is hydrating which is all I wanted to gain from use.I will be honest in saying that the novelty of it being a solid bar waned rather quickly and it is probably better suited to night time use. It is only fair that I do point out that the concept behind the solid bar is to reduce packaging, which in turn reduces both pollution and land fill so hats off to Lush in that aspect.

You didn't come here to read about packaging, you want to know if Lush Full of Grace Serum works and of course how. What you should know is that this is not an anti-ageing formulation rather it has been created to nourish, moisturise and calm the skin all the while being weightless on the skin which I fully agree with. I would take a less is more approach as it takes a little (as mentioned it is oil based so use the opportunity to massage your skin each time you apply) while to absorb into the skin but once it does you are left with a soft and hydrated complexion which is due to a blend of Portobello Mushrooms (conditioning and protecting) and Murumuru Butter (intensely moisturising). If like myself you have oily skin you may be pleased to know that this serum contains Calamine Powder which not only calms the skin but can also help control excess oil with continued use. If you have dry, easily irritated skin this is a product I feel you would benefit from as you can notice a difference in hydration levels from the first use but for me I am afraid it won't become a repurchase - mainly because I am lazy ha!

You can find the Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar here -link for £8.25/20g.
This post contains a press sample.