Lee Stafford Frizz Off Shampoo and Conditioner

Summer is finally here (no complaining about the heat fellow Scots, we all know by this time next week it will be raining or snowing - I jest, kinda) and with it comes humidity. Having thick and wavy hair you best believe that the humidity plays havoc with my hair. Basically sleek straight locks are out of the question and anything that will help tame the dreaded frizz is a-okay in my book. Enter Lee Stafford Frizz Off Shampoo and Conditioner...

Now Lee Stafford Frizz Off Shampoo and Conditioner won't be the answer to all your frizz problems but I have found that using the duo certainly helps. As frizz prone hair tends to be drier in texture (this certainly applies to me) the Lee Stafford Frizz Off collective is highly moisturising and both products contain keratin to help flatten the hair cuticle and encourage it to lay flat. For this very reason I wouldn't recommend this duo for curly hair unless you intend on blow drying it straight etc as it could weigh down your curls. However for straight/wavy hair it is perfect and not at all a heavy formulation but is highly hydrating - in fact it is one of the best moisturising shampoo's I have owned or tested as of late. I like the conditioner but tend to use it after a deep conditioning treatment (more often than not Aussie 3 Minute Miracle) due to the length and condition of my hair. That is of course personal preference and I would assume that for most Lee Stafford Frizz Off Conditioner should be nourishing enough.

Does it work? The million dollar question as always. In a word yes. Now I won't lie and say that my hair is now perfectly sleek and doesn't need to be tamed with straighteners because that is a lie. However after a few uses I did notice that my frizz prone hair was not only softer to the touch but far less manic/crazy looking. If you are jetting off somewhere humid and want something to add extra moisture to the hair without weighing it down, is reasonably priced and will help fight the frizz this is the duo you need. P.S it does say on the bottles that this range can help extend the life of a Brazilian Blow Dry - I have not had such treatment so I can't possibly comment.

Lee Stafford Frizz Off Shampoo and Conditioner £9.99 each via Boots here.
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