Garnier Oil Infused Body Collection

I have spoke countless times about how lazy I can be when it comes to applying body lotion of any type.
Not even the lure of a fruity body butter from The Body Shop can tempt me on certain days and yet due to my love of self tanner more often than not my skin is beyond dried out. Enter Garnier Oil Infused Body Collection, two oil infused body products that make keeping my skin nourished that little easier.

My favourite product from the Garnier Oil Infused Body Collection has to be Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Beauty Scrub, the wonderful thing about this product is that it not only cleanses the skin but also removes any old self tanner as well as gently buffing the skin into a soft, supple state. I should warn that this is a fairly gritty scrub so you may find that using you hands is the best bet to avoid over scrubbing. I say that from experience - if I use a loofah I tend to be a little heavy handed and rub my skin red raw. You live and you learn eh. As you might have guessed the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Beauty Scrub is infused with oils: Argan, Macademia, Almond and Rose to be precise so you basically have a shower oil come body scrub in one nifty little bottle. I can vouch that it leaves my skin much softer and smoother than any other body scrub in my collection and doesn't leave my skin feeling dried out should I skip body lotion completely...whoops! It does claim to brighten dull skin but I have yet to see that happen, not that I am overly bothered.

I promise I am trying with the ol' body lotion, I really am. I have found keeping my bottle of Garnier Oil Infused Beauty Lotion on my shower shelf (which I'm sure most people already have the sense to do), helpful as it is glaring at me when I shower and dry off, urging me to apply. The great thing about this body lotion is that much like the scrub it is oil infused (same blend again) but doesn't feel greasy in the slightest. In my opinion this feels much like a light weight body milk that quick absorbs into skin even if slightly damp. Does it moisturise the skin quite as deeply as a body oil would? No but I honestly couldn't care less, this doesn't stain my clothes, it doesn't feel sticky and it leaves my skin feeling silky soft. What more could you really need?

If I am being entirely honest I'm not 100% sold on the Garnier Oil Infused Body Collection fragrance - it is quite a strong floral scent but it is not offensive and in my experience it quickly wears off. Oddly it does work well with Paco Rabanne Lady One Million Eau de Parfum should you wear it.