Dove Colour Confidence Challenge

Dove Invisible Dry has teamed up with Olivia Rubin to encourage women to ditch the trusty blacks and greys and inject more colour into their wardrobes – all to celebrate a new campaign for Dove Invisible Dry deodorant, now proven to leave no white marks on a remarkable 100 colours. Throughout the month of June on, women can upload photos of themselves being colour confident for the chance to win a bespoke capsule collection exclusively created by the designer for Dove.

Commenting on her role in the Dove Colour Challenge, designer Olivia Rubin says: “Colour is so important for me. I have built my label upon relying on the use of colour and print within all the textiles I design. Whether it be a combination of pastel hues, fluorescent tones or more subtle nudes, there is no reason for UK women to shy away from colour. I want my Capsule Collections to have a range of flattering yet feminine colourful silhouettes, and encourage women everywhere to enter!”

The Dove Colour Challenge celebrates Dove Invisible Dry deodorant, a range of deodorants proven to leave no marks on 100 colours. Dove Invisible Dry liberates your wardrobe so that you can wear those beautifully bright colours only reserved for special occasions every day. To enter the Dove Colour Challenge visit

As someone who does tend to live in black and white clothes the recent warm weather has urged me on to wear a little colour and it really is true what they say - a bright t-shirt, dress or whatever can help to uplift your mood and even help you feel more confident. It only made sense to try out Dove Invisible Dry deodorant during the current warm weather - I mean any deodorant can hold its own in cool weather but add heat and sweat to the mix and that can be a different story. I personally prefer roll on deodorants - yes they take a little longer to dry but they work best for me. Each day for a week I slicked on Dove Invisible Dry deodorant and went about my day in various bright tops checking for wet patches (lovely I know), powder residue and staining on my top. On all three fronts the Dove Invisible Dry deodorant passed the test and more importantly for it didn't irritate my skin - I struggle with deodorant, many leave my arm pits red and itchy but not this one. If you are looking for a non-staining (no matter what colour you wear, yes monochrome too ha) and effective deodrant then make this your next purchase.

You can find the Dove Invisible Dry deodorant range via Boots - link with prices starting at £2.79.
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