Diptyque Eau Lavande Eau de Toilette

Like most I wouldn't list lavender as one of my favourite scents but as kindly pointed out by my grandmother who was a florist before retirement (my fresh flower obsession suddenly makes sense now huh?) that fresh lavender and synthetic lavender found in many fragrances are two completely different things and most (myself included) only recognise the synthetic notes. If ever there was a fragrance to change my mind set about lavender it would be and has been Diptyque Eau Lavande Eau de Toilette.

Lavender, powdery, musty and associated with women of a certain age thanks to the powdery synthetic notes of the likes of Yardley's Lavender talcum powder. Sounds about right and yet Diptyque Eau Lavande is the complete opposite - fresh and almost aquatic. I know this sounds silly but Diptyque Eau Lavande smells blue! It isn't sleepy like the lavender scents I associate with bed time but rather uplifting and bright all the while being floral. To add to my weirdness (it is the gift that keeps on giving) this is the fragrance I would wear to travel as it is oddly calming, light and fresh. I find if I wear anything to fruity or strong for that matter while travelling I become travel sick. Lovely!

Although a lavender based fragrance Diptyque Eau Lavande de toilette contains notes of coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg. My grandmother says that it is the closest thing she has ever smelt to steams of real blossoming lavender flowers, as she is not one to mince her words I'm going to trust her on this one. Oh and the roller ball my bottle of Diptyque Eau Lavende is perfection - it prevents me from applying too much, feels cooling on the skin (perfect in this muggy weather) and is a great size to pop in my handbag.

If any scent is going to change your mind about lavender it is this, I urge you to try it out.
Diptyque Eau Lavande Eau de Toilette £32-£65 via Space.NK here.