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Beauty Counters 101 - Illamasqua

Illamasqua Glasgow Debenhams

As a beauty blogger and general all round make-up fanatic I thought I would start a new feature in which I will frequent beauty counters to discover just what they offer. Gone are the days when a beauty counter was merely a place to stock up on lipstick! To kick things off I visited my local Illamasqua counter which is located in Debenhams and walked away feeling like I had learned so much.

Illamasqua Glasgow Debenhams

I should really mention that I visited Illamasqua Glasgow yesterday to attend one of their drop in master classes in which the counter staff demonstrate a make-up look which has been created by Alex Box (Illamasqua's Creative Designer). Basically think of it as a live and interactive Youtube Tutorial - fun, fairly speedy with tips and tricks galore. The great thing about the master classes is that you can ask questions and generally feel like you have gained a little make-up knowledge free of charge. Yesterday's look was based on Bridget Bardot and along with the make-up tips I jotted down I have also listed the products used to create the look designed on the face chart. You can keep up to date with all the Beauty School Drop In's here and general make-up events here - both lists are UK wide not just Glasgow.

Illamasqua Glasgow Debenhams

- Illamasqua Concealer is soft and creamy and can be used as an eyeshadow base and primer - especially good for blending out dark shades i.e creating a smoky eye.
- For those who like to contour but prefer a more natural approach, powder foundation in two shades deeper is your new best contouring friend!
- Use a nude, white eyeliner pencil or even a concealer pencil to mark out your winged liner before using a gel or liquid liner as that way you have an already made stencil...may your wings always be even!
- If using a powder pigment as a highlighter on the face roll it on the face using a brush rather than brushing or dabbing on for longer wear time.
- Speaking of pigments Illamasqua pigments can be mixed in with lipgloss and nail polishes to create bespoke shades.
- If using a light pigment on the eyes and some falls on the eyelashes the easiest way to hide the powder is to paint over it using a gel liner...bizaree but apparently it works.
- You can sheer down Illamasqua skin base using your regular moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser without purchasing more products!
- Illamasqua Skin Lift Concealer is perfect for framing brows for a more uplifted look but also for the under eyes and centre of the face to brighten and again create a more lifted look.

Products Used (all Illamasqua and can all be found here):
Face - Satin Primer, Skin Base Foundation,Skin Base Lift Concealer
Cheeks  - Cream Blush in Seduce, Cream Blush in Lies (as highlight), Pure Pigment in Beguil (as highlight),
Powder Foundation as contour.
Eyes - Concealer (as primer), Powder Eyeshadows in CanCan and Obsidian, Precision Gel Eyeliner, Masquara (not a typo)
Lips - Lipstick in Immodest, Lipgloss in Stranger

Illamasqua Glasgow Debenhams

Services Offered
Last night (when I visited Illamasqua) there was a beauty award show being held in Glasgow (I want to say the INAA awards but I could be wrong) so the Illamsaqua counter was pretty hectic with attendees popping in to get their make-up done. As you can see from the above photo the prices are pretty reasonable and if you have every been to the Glasgow Illasmasqua counter you will know just how talented the ladies are - from a subtle look, extreme contouring a la Kim Kardashian or a stunning party make-up you can bet your bottom dollar the team will be able to do it. In fact if I wanted creative make-up applied I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. That's not to say that Illamasqua can't and won't do toned do make-up because they do and as a matter of a fact they also do bridal looks. I haven't personally had my make-up done in Illamasqua (I will should an event arise that is special enough) but can vouch that each time I have been in store and not entirely sure about what shade will suit me in any product the staff have not only colour matched me but applied it to be entirely sure - free of charge might I add. There is no hard sell just friendly (and beautifully made up) faces that are more than willing to help. 

If there is a counter you'd like me to explore do let me know below!

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