Yankee Candle Greenhouse Large Jar Candle

My love for candles is no secret but one of the things I have come to notice is that there isn't many true unisex offerings. Sure brands such as Yankee do the odd man candle but let's face facts it does seem that home fragrance is very much aimed at women with few fragrances created to cater to both sexes. Well I think Yankee Candle Greenhouse is the perfect unisex, suit all home fragrance...

I have no Greenhouse memories although there was one in my back garden as a child, I guess tomatoes and what not are not exactly thrilling when you are busy creating make believe characters and games (yep I was that guy). To be honest I don't think that really matters I'm sure we all know roughly what fragrances would linger in a greenhouse - soil combined with heat and greenery. Herbal but not pungent and guess what that is exactly how Yankee Candle Greenhouse smells only slightly fresher. It reminds me of the scent of a hot house found in the Botanic Galleries in Glasgow. Yankee state that this particular fragrance is a combination of delicate rose blooms and spicy herbs. 

Nope, sorry I can't detect those what I can smell is lush green notes that are fresh and uplifting, a fragrance that will be at place in any home and should suit just about any taste. It is not overpowering nor is it floral - tangy is perhaps the best word and it is truly one of the most unisex home fragrances I have come across. Although not an outright dupe I do find this scent to be somewhat similar to Jo Malone's Just Like Sunday Green Tomato Leaf Candle

Yankee Candle Greenhouse Large Jar £19.99 via Yankee Candle - link.
This post contains a press sample.