The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil

The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil got a somewhat side mention in my The Body Shop haul post which you can read here, my initial plan was to use this as a home fragrance but it was pretty much love at first wear. I tentatively dabbed this on my wrist, inhaled and the rest as the say is history...

What held me back from applying The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil straight on to my skin was the fact it is an oil. From me fragrance is the last step of my daily routine, something I do just before I leave the house and I guess to an extent I spray on any chosen scent somewhat carelessly which you can't do with an oil. The best way is to apply this or any fragrance oil for that matter is before you get dressed, dab on to your pulse points (neck, wrist, inside the elbow, behind the ears, behind the knees basically anywhere warm) and allow to absorb which it does fairly quickly. Despite being an oil it isn't in the slightest greasy, it has more of a dry oil texture but I do fear it would stain clothing should it come into contact with it before absorbed by the skin. I know it sounds like a faff but I promise it is worth the effort, it lasts all day long and is surprisingly affordable at £7 a bottle. Also this can double up as a home fragrance oil (pop in an oil burner), or mix it with a carrier oil (almond, coconut, shea et al) to fragrance your own body oil or even bath treat.

Now on to the scent, gah it is beautiful a light slightly aquatic floral that has a strong lily note. It is fresh, clean and crisp and reminds me somewhat of a cross between MAC Turquatic and Stella McCartney L.I.LY both of which I adore. In my opinion the The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily fragrance is perfect for everyday wear, it is inviting, floral and oh so feminine. I dare you to not test it and fall in love, I'm so head over heels that come pay day the rest of the The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily collection is coming home with me. Swoon.

The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil £7/15ml - link.