Lancome Dreamtone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector

Way back last year I attended the press launch for the Lancome Dreamtone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector and was intrigued by the technology but at the time my skin tone was pretty even so I cast aside my sample.
Fast forward a year and my skin is more prone to redness and general blotches - pretty it ain't. Two months ago I decided to give Lancome Dreamtone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector a whirl and here is what I discovered...

Lancome Dreamtone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector comes in three variants: Pigmentation profile 1 - Fair skin tone (skin that has the tendency to feel sensitive under sun exposure), Pigmentation profile 2 - Medium skin tone (skin that tans relatively easily under sun exposure) and Pigmentation profile 3 - Dark skin tone (skin that tans deeply under sun exposure). I have Pigmentation profile 2 which is a pretty accurate description of my skin tone, my skin turns golden brown in the sun rather quickly and seldom burns if ever. I salute Lancome for not creating a one serum fits all as each skin colour has different concerns when it comes to both ageing and the general complexion.

The idea behind Lancome Dreamtone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector is that it of course helps rid any hyper pigmentation which is a dead give away considering the product name but it does more than that. With continued use it can help to reduce both redness and scarring which is my primary concern. At the moment I have noticed that I get huge hormonal blemishes that leave behind a scar - not cool. Since using Lancome Dreamtone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector I can report that such scars disappear a little quicker and don't become permanent scars. The redness I reported is also diminished somewhat too. Oh but this is the gift that keeps on giving - this light and silken serum has helped brighten and soften my skin with next to no effort with no Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. All you have to do is apply it to clean skin both morning and evening before your regular moisturiser - easy peasy and worth it for the results in my instance. At £69 it is not cheap but a little goes a long way and with some claiming that they don't feel the need for foundation (it would take a whole new face for me to be that brave) when using this serum it certainly is one to save up and splash out on. I have just over half a bottle left which is pretty good going for two months of use. Okay I don't go without make-up daily but I have noticed a huge difference in my skin so much so the concept of stepping on to Youtube doesn't seem so daunting...

Lancome Dreamtone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector £69 via Debenhams - link.
This post contains a press sample.