Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Garnier Ultimate Regenerating Oil

Garnier Ultimate Regenerating Oil

I don't care what anyone says moisturising your body is a chore and the reason so may of us willing skip the step. I'm guilty of quickly getting dressed after a shower rather than loitering about in the cold waiting for a body cream to sink in. Goosebumps never were attractive. To cut a long story short for fellow lazy and dry skinned readers I present (Lion King style) Garnier Ultimate Regenerating Oil.

Garnier Ultimate Regenerating Oil is a weightless, non-transfer body oil meaning that should some come in contact with clothing in theory it shouldn't leave a stain. It smells great (a light somewhat generic floral scent but not powdery), is easy to use thanks to the spray on function and do you know what? It is a rather good body oil if I do say so myself. Garnier Ultimate Regenerating Oil contains vitamin E to keep the skin, soft and supple (it is also know for it's anti-ageing properties) as well as pomegranate, camellia, jojoba and geranium oils to nourish, moisturise and firm the skin. 

Being an oil my main concern was will this feel heavy and tacky on the skin because if so count me out. The reaffirming answer is no. I kid you not when I say this silky oil instantly absorbs into the skin, leaves behind no residue - just soft, lightly fragranced skin that feels nourished and is safe to get dressed immediately after application. I have little dry areas on my arms and after a week of using this and some light exfoliation such patches are gone. I like that a little goes a long way and that unlike body lotions one application a day is all I need for my skin to feel hydrated.

Garnier I think we are on to a winner!

Garnier Ultimate Regenerating Oil £7.99/150ml via Superdrug - link and currently on offer for £5.33 via Boots - link.
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  1. You can get this body oil for just £3.49 at home bargain x


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