Escada Born in Paradise

Summer in a bottle?
Look no further than Escada's newest fragrance launch - Escada Born in Paradise.
One quick mist you will be quickly transported to all those wonderful summers of past.
I can't get over just how yummy it is and want to wear it and only it all Summer long.

Fans of Escada fragrances will know that the bottle shape seldom changes other than the gradient shades and colour of the cap but why the sudden need for elastic rings around the neck of the bottle? I understand that it is meant both as decoration and to be worn as a ring on the finger but unless you are five years old I doubt they join anyone's jewellery collection. An odd thing to grumble about I know but for some unknown reason they rather irritate me and yet I can't quite bring myself to throw it away. That probably says more about me than the perfume brand truth be told. 

Back to the scent, Escada Born in Paradise manages to be fruity in a tropical sense without being predictable or dated. When I read the note line up: Pineapple, Watermelon, Coconut, Green Apple, Guava and Sandalwood I wasn't all that sold. Sure it is inspired by one of my favourite cocktails - Pina Colada but it didn't scream try me or have enough of a wow factor but don't make the same mistake as I. Escada Born in Paradise is creamy thanks to the coconut note as well as being fruity but not obvious, the sandalwood mellows the over all scent out and gives it a sophisticated edge. Am I making sense? Probably not but it doesn't smell anything like the other Escada scents in my collection which truth be told is a stand alone selling point as Escada fragrance do tend to be a little samey. Escada Born in Paradise isn't sickly sweet and although based on a boozy tipple it does not remind me of Pina Colada's but somewhat similar to Herbal Essences Hello Hydration hair line. I'm an odd bird I know. 

In a sentence - your summer needs this scent and the beautiful beach bag that is currently the gift with purchase, £24.50-£34.50 via The Perfume Shop - link. I kid you not I'm going to scour eBay for that bag tonight. Oh and if you purchase via Escentual you get an ah-mazing cocktail shaker - link or you can find it as a gift set with a travel make-up instead - link.