Calvin Klein Eternity Summer EDP

Up until recently I had always considered myself to be a summer fragrance kinda gal, bright fruity floral's tend to make up 90% of my fragrance collection so it will come of little surprise that I do some damage in duty free each summer. Having said that I think I am going to struggle this coming Summer as so many brands seem to be ditching fruity notes and going with more floral compositions much like Calvin Klein Eternity Summer.

I know Calvin Klein fragrances were huge in the 90's but back then I was a little too young but I do recall a bottle of CK One taking pride of place on my cousins dresser. I will state now that I have no idea what the original Calvin Klein Eternity fragrance smells like but I imagine it to be quite intense if the Calvin Klein Eternity Summer EDP version is anything to go by. Although I don't tend to purchase Calvin Klein scents I do admire the brands simplistic approach to packaging - it is sleek, minimalist and never looks dated which should appeal to most?

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer is a difficult fragrance to pin point - no don't get me wrong it is an intense floral which consists of notes such as freesia and fresh cypress coupled with fruity accents frozen lime, grapefruit and mouthwatering, juicy melonNone of which I can detect - to my nose it strongly reminds me of rose water. I'm not saying it is unpleasant but it is nothing new and not a fragrance that will appeal to a mass audience. The other problem in my opinion is that it is rather intense - it rings more true to a Autumn/Winter launch that something that is being marketed as a light, airy and romantic Summer edition. But hey that's just my point of view you may well test it and fall head over heels...

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer EDP £28.50/100ml via Boots - link.