Bronnley England Orange and Jasmine

I'm not too sure how familiar you will be with the brand Bronnley England?
Perhaps like myself you associate it with soap? Well today I want to share a beautiful, uplifting floral come fruity fragrance that is perfect for a warm or even sunny day that won't break the bank.
Ladies and gentlemen I present Bronnley England Orange and Jasmine...

I adore citrus and sunny fragrances as they can help uplift my mood and to some extent energise, the only problem is some can be sickly sweet especially if they contain an orange note. Well not Bronnley England Orange and Jasmine Eau de Toilette - sure it is fruity and does contain tangy hints of orange and tangerine which are in no way sticky, in-fact it is one of the mildest uses of orange fruits that I have experienced in a long time. What helps balance this fragrance is the heart note which is of course jasmine - a feminine floral addition that works really well with the citrus fruits and prevents the scent from being overly sweet. Bronnley England Orange and Jasmine also features lily which again helps mellow out the over all fragrance and for lasting power there is a base of musk which I honestly can not dectect at all.

Even if the Bronnley England Orange and Jasmine Eau de Toilette isn't for you, I urge you to try out one of the cute novel soaps which are shaped like fruits. They are far too cute to resist and at £4.50 it is a great, budget friendly way to treat yourself!

You can view the Bronnley England Orange and Jasmine range here - link.

- This post contains press samples.