A Journey into My Daily Make Up Bag

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend time with the MAC team and Kate which of course resulted in a lot of chat about make-up. One thing we all agreed on is that we are really nosy people and love nothing more than a good route around other peoples make-up bags. With that in mind I thought I would share my everyday pieces which of course have become a little battered and worn along the way...

My make-up bags of choice are Whistles small clutch bags, they are made of squishy soft leather, clean up like a dream, look uber chic and are the perfect size for my essentials, not to mention they can double up as a clutch bag. I'm patiently waiting on the brand to launch a bright neon pink version.

When in doubt MAC Angel lipstick gets slicked on, it is one of those shades I find goes with everything, suits my skin tone and wears rather well. I wouldn't recommend it if you have pigmented lips as the shade can look a little ghastly but otherwise it is a great, long wearing nude pink that I apply constantly. Although seldom used on the go I do have a tube of Carmex rolling around in my make-up bag "just in case" - you know you are no longer a teenager when you start carrying things around "just in case". I am turning into my Mother!

Oddly I seem to have taken to carrying two blushes around with me: Illamasqua's Tremble Blush and Tarte's Tipsy . Typically I wear Tremble and use the Tarte blush as a compact mirror which is a little stupid and veering on absurd as I have plenty of mirrors fit for the purpose at home. It's always the way isn't it? To apply blush I carry around the Real Technique's Blush Brush which I really should replace with the smaller, travel sized version...all in good time.

My brows are a constant bone of contention, they never look all that wonderful in my opinion and as a result I do spend more time than I care to admit reshaping and filling them in on the go. As you can see by the state of it my Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil in Blonde has seen better days but it is one of the few products I can not be without. It is one of the best brow colour matches I own, it stays put even on my oily skin and it is really easy to use - what more could you possibly want?

Admit it we have all shattered at least one blush or pressed powder of some sort in our handbag. For that very reason I ensure that all any pressed powder I cart around on a daily basis is cheap and cheerful so I don't weep at the roadside when it does crumble into a million tiny pieces. At the moment I'm lugging around Maybelline's Matte Maker Pressed Powder which is as good as any other mattifying powder for mopping up excess oil on my t-zone. I don't typically use it to set my make-up but I would if my usual powder was out of reach.

I am a complete convert to Rimmel's ScandalEyes eye liner in Nude - it glides on with such ease, wears really well even on hayfever plighted days and is super affordable. My other complaint would be that on my waterline it looks white not nude so I do hope that in the future the brand launches a slightly deeper nude liner. A gal can dream.

Other bits and bobs I lug around in my make-up bag are a MAC 282 (SE) brush which I use to set my undereye area but if I'm truthful I almost never use the brush. A bottle of hand sanitizer - mine is the Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel by the Body Shop but I'm not fussy when it comes to hand gels, as long as I have a bottle in my bag I'm happy. Lastly we have a mini bottle of Aerin Ikat Jasmine EDP, kirby grips and plasters because you never know when you might need them. 

What's in your daily make-up bag?