Hay Max

The sun is in the sky - yes even in Glasgow and suddenly I have began to panic!
Why? Spring and Summer means one thing for me - Hayfever. Oh Joy!
A few months of non-stop sneezing, watery eyes that will test the most waterproof formulation of mascaras and a sore throat. Who said the warm weather is glorious, not me that is for sure.
However I do have a sneaky weapon...

When it comes to hayfever cures there is not much I won't try apart from the honey cure (apparently local honey can help - don't ask me how or why as I heard the word Honey and was like no thank you!) as I really can't stomach honey. You name the antihistamine and I can pretty much guarantee I've been prescribed it.
Well if you struggle with hayfever I have a nifty little ointment you need to pick up asap particularly if you are blighted by a sneezing fit or two! Basically Hay Max is a solid oil based ointment that comes presented in a little tub (not much bigger than the likes of a Carmex lip balm) which is initially solid at room temperature but softens to a balm like consistency at body heat. With that in mind you do want to keep this product out of direct sunlight and/or heat to prevent it turning into a pool of liquid.

Hay Max is a completely organic based product that only contains two components Sunflower Oil and Beeswax - in my opinion the less ingredients the better. To use you simply apply the tiniest amount to each nostril and gently massage in - yes it can be misinterpreted as picking your nose but trust me it is worth the funny looks to quell a sneezing fit! All this natural and organic treatment essentially does is acts as a barrier against pollen to stop it entering your nasal passage and irritating your senses and despite being so close to your nose I would deem it to be almost scent free. Truthfully I don't find it helps at all when it comes to the itchy and watering eyes but there is no product out there that I have found that quite aids an irritated nose like it. Yes you do have to reply fairly often but in my case it is so very worth it and one dinky little tub will last you all summer long! Annoyingly I picked up the Lavender version instead of the original - if like myself you don't like lavender scents avoid because you are applying it to the opening of the nostrils. 

Hay Max £5.99 via Boots - link