Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder

I have mentioned a good few times that I loathe dry shampoo - for the longest while I put up with the gritty texture on my scalp which made me scratch at my scalp throughout the day all in the name of volume. As some one with really thick hair I often find that my hair looks rather limp and needs a little extra help. Well I can finally banish dry shampoo thanks to Bumble and Bumble's Pret-a-Powder.

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder is a hybird product - a 3-in-1 if you will, not only does it add volume and texture to the roots but it refreshes the hair like a dry shampoo and can be used root to tip for each grip i.e for those with fine hair that find it difficult to braid. To use you simply dust on the powder on to your roots and add the desired volume using massaging motions with your finger tips. Easy peasy.

Sure texturising powders are nothing new nor are dry shampoo's but what makes this product a must have for me is that it is so weightless - no gritty texture, no itchy scalp and no residue. I truly can not fault Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder it re-freshens the hair as good as any other dry shampoo out there without the need for a talcum like fragrance and really does add care free volume - think second day hair but on the first day. Although the bottle is fairly dinky a little goes a long, long way so don't be put off by this aspect.

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder £21.50 - link.

- This post contains a press sample.