Britney Spears Fantasy The Remixes

Calling all Britney Spears fans two new fragrances based on the original and best selling Britney Spears Fantasy scent and let me be the one to tell you they are nothing short of amazing...

“Fantasy is truly an unforgettable scent. Remixing the original notes to create new fantasy scents gives my fans and me more ways of expressing our inner fantasies - whether they’re naughty or nice." - Britney Spears.

The concept is that both Britney Spears - The Naughty Remix and The Nice Remix borrow and then lead on from the notes found in the original 2005 (doesn't that seem so long ago?) Fantasy scent. The idea is that Fantasy The Naughty Remix which is the most sensual of the two, is for when you are feeling a little daring and perhaps more suited to evening wear with notes of jasmine,white chocolate, orchid, sweet cupcake accord and creamy musk. Then we have Fantasy The Nice Remix which is suited for softer moments and perhaps aimed at day wear as it is fruity yet sparkling with notes of kiwi and again jasmine, creamy musk and with a sweet kick that is the cupcake accord.

There is no doubt in my mind if you like the original Britney spears Fantasy fragrance that you will more than enjoy this new duo. In my opinion Fantasy The Naughty Remix is a more intense and somewhat grown up version of Fantasy where as The Nice version is more fruity and uplifting but there is no doubt that they are off springs of Fantasy. I personally think it is rather sweet that each bottle features a removable charm bracelet and it has to be said that the Remix off spins come in less gaudy packaging which in my mind will appeal to a more mature audience which let's face it most Britney Spears fans are becoming...I know it only seems like yesterday when Hit Me Baby One More Time bust on the scene!

At the moment both Britney Spears Fantasy The Remixes EDP's are exclusive to Superdrug £23-£40 - link
but will go into Boots on the 2nd of April.

- This post contains press samples.