Shu Uemura Anti-Oxi Cleansing Oil Review

Please ignore the packaging of my Shu Uemura Anti-Oxidant Cleansing Oil, I purchased this huge 450ml bottle back in November and it just so happened that the brand had teamed with renowned artist Takashi Murakami for some pretty and limited edition packaging. You can however purchase this cleansing oil in its standard design all year around so don't fret...

"Shu Uemura cleansing oil was developed from the knowledge that Mr. Uemura gained while working as a foremost Hollywood make-up artist in the 1950's. The secret to Shu Uemura cleansing oil is protecting the skin's delicate balance while removing make-up and impurities in a single step. Shu Umura Anti-Oxidant Cleansing Oil is a potent antioxidant cleanser infused with green tea extract that provides strong antioxidant protection against the environmental stresses associated with ageing while leaving the skin thoroughly clean."

Shu Uemura Anti-Oxi Cleansing Oil is pricey, in-fact it costs more than any other cleanser in my stash, at £60 for 450ml this is not something to be purchased on a whim, though it should be noted a smaller bottle £30/150ml which I don't deem to be great value. So why did I purchase it? Pure and simple a friend lead me astray. I have been complaining for quite some while that my skin goes through phases of looking rather dull - sure a facial or a mask for that matter injects a little life but I was on the look out for something quick and more immediate. Said friend has beautiful skin which I fully suspect is down to good genes but hey desperate times and all that. 

Does it leave my skin radiant? Nope but don't over look the Shu Uemura Anti-Oxi Cleansing Oil has been created to remove external pollutants (think city pollution such as car fumes, smoke and everything else along those lines. The oil relies on Moringa Extract to do just that as it is known for its skin purifying properties. Couple that with Green Tea Extract which is naturally rich in antioxidants and you have a pretty powerful daily cleanser. Green Tea Extract has been included as it not only protects the skin against damaging free radicals (again think daily pollution) but it also has cell-protecting benefits too which in the long run may ward of the signs of ageing for a little longer. I should mention that this also contains mineral oil which I don't personally mind but I know it can make some break out so it is worth noting.

Much like any skin cleansing oil the Shu Uemura Anti-Oxi Cleansing Oil has a light oil based texture (you wouldn't expect anything less) which feels silky and soothing on the skin. I always find a certain joy in using an oil cleanser - it encourages you to massage the skin and is just far more luxurious than say a facial wash. Again as you may have come to expect it does emulsify when it comes into contact with water to ensure a deep cleanse. Although an oil based cleanser it doesn't leave the skin feeling over cleansed and stripped, nor does it leave my oily skin feeling overly hydrated and there is no residue left behind. What it does is quickly and effectively removes all traces of make-up, grime, pollution and sun screen all the while being gentle. It is also one of the few cleansers I can use on my eye without any irritation.

Pricey? Oh definitely but I'd be lying if I didn't state that my skin rather enjoys this formula especially if I have spent the day wandering around the city centre which is what I tend to keep this aside for.

Shu Uemura Anti-Oxi Cleansing Oil from £30-£60 via Space.NK - link.