L'Oreal Hydra Repair Thermo Bi-Actif System

I touched on L'Oreal Hydra Repair Thermo Bi-Actif System leave in treatment spray yesterday in my hair care post but felt that it needed its own post because it is one of the best I have tried.

I love having long, thick hair but won't for one moment say it has been an easy ride. To minimise damage I seldom use heat on my hair - it's a small sacrifice to ensure that I don't have to continually get huge amounts lobbed off at the hairdressers. However every now and then I do want to experiment out with my natural waves and that requires heat and of course a really good heat protectant spray which aren't all that easy to come by. Some don't offer enough protection, others are sticky and leave my hair limp and then there's those that cost more than a hair cut. No thanks. 

I'll level and say that I don't pay all that much notice when I'm in the hairdressers chair, I often feel that some are pushed into selling products and just tend to nod and agree with all product recommendations with no real intent of purchasing anything. It was actually myself that enquired about the L'Oreal Hydra Repair Thermo Bi-Actif System which has been misted on to my hair after each wash which surprised both myself and my hairdresser. I won't pretend for one moment that this will help you achieve that sleek, professional finish that only comes with a salon visit but it does instantly protect against heat, future damage and leaves my hair feeling soft with a healthy sheen. The L'Oreal Hydra Repair Thermo Bi-Actif System contains silicone gum to smooth and soften the hair cuticle and the Thermo Bi-Actif System which is activated using heat to form a moisturising and heat-resistant film around the parts of the hair that need it most (in my instance those annoying wispy hairs at the front). Yes it does contain silicones which won't be to everyone's taste but do keep in mind a lot of hair care products do too and in this instance it doesn't weigh my hair down or leave a sticky residue.

So onto why I love L'Oreal Hydra Repair Thermo Bi-Actif System. I have thick unruly hair that pretty much does its own thing regardless of how I style it. I can straighten my hair meticulously only for it to become a frizzy mess an hour later and this without the constant humid, rainy drizzle that Glasgow is renowned for. A quick mist of L'Oreal Hydra Repair Thermo Bi-Actif System and my hair not only stays straight but also frizz free until the next wash - the same applies with curls more so the frizz element. I'm now thinking maybe I am just too cynical a person and perhaps all those hair recommendations came from a good place? Food for thought at the very least.

In salons L'Oreal Hydra Repair Thermo Bi-Actif System is pretty pricey at around £15 upwards but you can find it online for less. I purchase my supply from Cool Blades for £7.60 - link.