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By Terry Baume de Rose Review

By Terry Baume de Rose

£35 on a lip balm? Ouch springs to mind but hear me out.
Due to eczema, a cold climate and a terrible habit of licking and biting my lips it is safe to say that I do suffer from chapped, painful lips on occasion. I have tried just about every lip balm out there and truthfully very little was cutting the grade. In a moment of weakness I ordered By Terry Baume de Rose from Space.NK to see what the fuss was all about.

By Terry Baume de Rose

As you can see the packaging is rather slick and does hint that it is in a different price league from the likes of Carmex et al. It is a pot which won't appeal to everyone as some will deem unhygienic and messy - you can remedy that by using a lip brush should you wish. With a title like By Terry Baume de Rose you can of course expect a rose fragrance and taste which isn't as subtle as I had imagined but pleasant none the less. I wouldn't recommend it for those who loathe rose fragrances of course but for everyone else it should be manageable and something you will grow used to if used daily - a typical almost powdery rose scent.

By Terry Baume de Rose

Now on to the texture which is what has me hooked, it's creamier than you'd expect and has an almost whipped consistency without being sticky or greasy...nothing worse when it comes to a lip product. To begin with it sort of sits on top of the lips before sinking in and delivering booth moisture and a really pretty light pink glow to the lips. As a typical everyday lip balm for those who don't have any problems i.e overly dry or cracked skin this should be more than suffice but for those like myself who need something more intense this is not the one. 

By Terry Baume de Rose

Don't get me wrong I rather like By Terry Baume de Rose as a quick and fuss free lip colour option with a little more hydration than a typical lipstick can offer coupled with an SPF 15. It also helps slightly lessen the price tag blow that it can be used on the cuticles but I'm afraid for me this will be a once in a life time purchase.

By Terry Baume de Rose £38/100g via Space.NK - link
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