Tips for Blogging on the Go

Isn't it funny how inspiration always appears when you least expect it, be it in the midst of a shower, a trip to the supermarket or on the morning commute.
I'm aware for most blogging is a hobby but no less a labour of love, commitment and time.
 Today I thought I'd share a few tips to help you become more organised in terms of blogging - ironic that I am typing this post when I have yet to plan my posts for the week ahead...

This may be a little excessive for some but I keep a note pad (normally a moleskin version as they tend to survive a year of abuse rather well) in each of my handbags and one beside my bed so that should a lightning bolt of inspiration strike me down I'm prepared. It goes without saying that you might want to pop a pen in your bag too,  just ensure it has a lid. Ink stains on the lining of your new bag or any bag for that matter is forever painful. Forever.

Personally I don't feel you need an iPad or an iPhone to blog on the go, if you have one wonderful - if not who cares? Most smart phones are now capitable with apps meaning you should be able to download an app to suit most blogging platforms. If like myself you use Blogger I recommend Blogger-driod (find it here) over the bog standard Blogger app - this version allows you more editing options and is oddly easier to use than the official app. Blogaway (find it here) is also a good bet for fellow blogger users, again it is easier to use than bloggers offering and has more functions. Oh and both are free...kerching! Before I found the other options I found it near impossible to blog from my iPad but now I have been known to compose posts on the train, bus and in-between meetings making the most of any spare time. When I worked full time I used to do the bulk of typing up my posts in my lunch hour be it on my phone or on a tablet...or procrastinating reading blogs. Either or.

Speaking of apps you may want to download some photo editing soft wear for your phone or general gadgetry. My personal all round favourite has to be BeFunky (find it here) basically this has all you will ever need to edit your photos - crop, resize, bokah, brighten, colour adjust and more. It so simple to use and unlike some apps they have a website for day to day use to so you don't have to chop and change your editing style to suit the app. I also like Picfx and A Beautiful Mess (ABM) but they do cost to download - Picfx is king of bokah (those soft orbs of light you often see on photos) and ABM is wonderful for softening images for a whimsical vibe. Neither are truly necessary but worth noting down even if it is for future use.

If the idea of blogging on the go is not for you (I tend to prefer the calm of my bedroom to physically blog but will use any other time to schedule and make notes etc but if away from home any wifi will do...yes I'm a hussy)then why not pop a weekly diary in your bag and use your morning commute (or general down time) to plan your posts. That way when you do sit down to blog you have a list of ideas to bounce off of? I find this to be really helpful for when the well of inspiration runs dry - I also thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction factor of ticking things off a to do list. It's the little things eh! 

Old school note books or organisers not your thing? Worry not along with recommending the note section on your phone (I can't tell you how many times I have used this to jot down an idea be it over dinner and a few times even on the beach...yes really) there is apps that are essentially souped up Filofax. As we all love something for nothing I recommend Todoist for check lists (doubles up for grocery shopping and packing your suitcase) and BuisnessGearPresentation which not only allows you to schedule and plan using a day to day planner but it allows you to write and draw on photos and the file viewer is pretty slick too. 

To sum up if my lengthy tome above don't under estimate the power of a good notepad and pen and be sure to download a few apps for those on the go flashes of genius (I do flatter myself).
If you have any tips do feel free to let me know below.

Edit - Other free softwear from readers/commenter's (thank you!) below:
Evernote - link
Pic Monkey - link
Pic Collage - link