Saturday, January 04, 2014

One Haircare Product to Rule Them All

Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment

Yes I adore the Lord of Rings franchise a little more than one should but I assure you Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment is worthy of the title. If like myself you don't always have time or patience for that matter on your side then an all in one haircare treatment is the way to go and what better than a 10-in-1 product?

Okay smarty pants the answer would be an 11-in-1 (or higher) product but you see where I was heading none the less. Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment offers ten benefits in one quick mist. Basically this is the Rolls Royce of leave in conditioners that is quick and easy to use not to mention it smells great - I have the coconut version at the moment but the original also has a pleasant fragrance. I know this may not be important to all but the spray function disperses a fine veil of product so even fine hair won't be bogged down and the chances of using too much product by accident is reduced.

In my opinion Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment is very similar to It's a 10 Leave in Conditioner in that both are enriched leave in conditioners and essentially offer the same benefits. However the main difference between the two is that Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment aims to protect the hair colour with the use of UVA/UVB filters. For that reason alone I hold it in higher regard especially if you are a sun worshipper. If you protect your skin from the element why not your hair too? The full ten claims are as follows: repair dry and damaged hair, adds shine and frizz control, heat protection, silkiness and smoothness, hair colour protection/with UVA and UVB filters,easier brushing and ironing, detangler, long-lasting control, split ends prevention and lastly adds volume. Most of the claims are true (the split end reducing promise remains to be seen and the volume increase is debatable) and I deem it to be one of the best detanglers out there but I don't recommend using it as a stand alone heat protectant especially if using a styling tool but for a quick blow dry it should suffice. 

If hair oils and countless haircare products aren't for you then this is a great all round hair product that will make styling easier as well as adding shine, taming frizz and of course giving the hair a quick moisture boost. Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment is weightless and won't leave the hair feeling sticky or crisp so it is ideal for those who air dry their hair too.

Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment £11.19 via Feel Unique - link

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  1. This sounds good, I might give Uniq a try!

  2. Sounds promising!!

  3. I never think to use SPF for my hair! But considering how reasonable the price is, I might buy this next time I order from feel unique. Thank you :)

  4. I like the sound of this.
    I'm also a bit of an lotr geek, although saying that I have only ever read the first book. Back when I did read it, the second two were about 15 to buy each and for a 13 year old it was too expensive.
    I also love the hobbit but I'm a little disappointed that they seem to have added so much in from the book. Xx

  5. I always use this on my hair ever since I was persuaded by my hairdressers that I needed it in my life. For one they were right and that was about 6 months ago and I've never looked at another since.

  6. Ooh, I want to try this! Great to see such a successful blogger from Scotland!! My blog - Macaroni and Makeup.

  7. Sounds good to me - and coconut always wins out in my book!

    Georgina at

  8. My hairdresser used this on my hair last time I went to get it cut. I remember it smelt lovely and she explained it was supposed to do ten different things. I did have a look for it online when I got home but £11 is more than I would usually spend on anything for my hair. I may give it a try one day.

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  9. It sounds really great! I love it!

    Victoria ♥

  10. Just when I was thinking about purchasing a product to repair my beyond damaged hair you write about what may be the perfect product for me (plus a LOTR reference is always great!). I gotta get my hands on it.

  11. I love my its a ten, this sounds lovely too! I love finding out when beauty bloggers are also nerdy (no offense) I am a huge harry potter fan still!

  12. definitely will be purchasing this! my hair is in serious need of some TLC!xxx

  13. I was reading this post thinking 'oh dear how much is this going to cost?!' then got to the end - £11????!! I'll definitely but putting this in my basket next time I'm on feelunique. Thanks for posting x


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