Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Response Candle

When you think of Hotel Chocolat I'm guessing you not only begin to salivate but images of pretty chocolate treats that you eat spring to mind? Guilty as my the current state of my thighs would agree but there is more to Hotel Chocolat than much more. For instance did you know that they have a home fragrance range? No me neither but let me be the one to tell you it is as every bit enjoyable as a round of truffles only your waist line won't suffer the blow.

I currently have Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Response Candle flickering away while I pretend to work and despite having connotations of a sickly sweet chocolate fragrance this veers more towards the fresh end of the spectrum. This is achieved using notes that include spiced white florals, musk, sandalwood and leather. It is a warm yet sensual fragrance that reminds me a little of Malin and Goetz's Dark Rum fragrance only the Hotel Chocolat offering is a little sweeter thanks to the Cocoa note and despite being what I deem an intense fragrance it doesn't overwhelm even when used in confined spaces.

Some home fragrance options can be a little too feminine to truly be deemed unisex but the Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Response Candle is perfect for all - it is fresh yet alluring, spicy yet soft and the black glossy packaging means it looks chic and should slot in nicely with any home decor style. 

If you are looking to combine a sweet treat with a touch of decadence look no further.
Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Response Candle £30 (burn time 30- 50 hours) - link.

- This post contains a press sample.