Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fragrance Storage

You know you are no longer a care free teen when the thought of new storage leaves you giddy!

I didn't have any plans to share this little shelving unit on my blog but after a good few comments on Instagram I decided that it was worthy of a blog post.

Recently I have been re-decorating my home and wanted something pretty yet practical to display and house my most reached for fragrances. I say display when really all I mean by that is something to keep my daily scent collection tidy and out of the way from the ever twitching tales of my two cats. 

Technicalities aside the above unit is actually a jewellery display unit which I picked up for £6 in the Urban Outfitters half price sale. It is pretty dinky and only just houses my Jo Malone scents with next to no wiggle room on the top shelf. The bottom layer is even smaller and is only really useful for compact bottles - it does of course depend on the shape and style of the bottles. As you can see my Juicy Couture bottle has no chance of slotting in either shelf.

Truthfully I loathe the gold effect this mock bird cage design has come in and do have plans to spray paint it either white or silver very soon. Having said that I am tempted to purchase another and using them as storage come book ends? At £6 I do think it is a cute addition to any bedroom and will provide a storage option for many things - nail polish, candles, make up and of course its intended purpose jewellery.

Get it while you can!
You can find it here - link.

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