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Elegant Touch Express Nails Review

Elegant Touch Express Nails

Come March lazy nail ladies like myself can rejoice as Elegant Touch are launching 24 new and rather fun sets of their Express Nails fronted by Jameela Jamil. From Disney inspired designs to funky and neon nods to Ibiza and all that is in-between there is something for everyone!

Elegant Touch Express Nails

"I looked at the collection - it was as if they designed it for me. They didn't, but it’s everything I wanted. They’re quirky, fun, edgy, a bit bold. They can encourage a woman who doesn’t incorporate a lot of colour into her wardrobe to start playing with colour and patterns and to have a bit of extra personality in what she wears without having to commit to a new dress or outfit. They’re an accessory that don’t care how old you are, how tall you are, what size you are or what your style is. They’re non-discriminating.” - Jameela Jamil

Elegant Touch Express Nails
Elegant Touch Express Nails

Truthfully when I first heard about the Elegant Touch Express Nails I was nonplussed as press on nails have been done before and in my opinion not all that well - they were naff, pinged off and basically didn't fit my nails. However what sets the Elegant Touch versions aside is not only the great designs (I promise they are nothing short of amazing) and the ease of use.

Elegant Touch Express Nails

To apply all you have to do is ensure your nails are free of polish (I'm sure they'd still attach on top of polish but it would perhaps hinder the negativity of wear), wipe with the included cleansing wipe. Next find a nail that best fits your own nail size, peel back the glue tab and press down. It really is as simple as that. On the nails they not only look pretty realistic but they are both hard wearing and light - gone are the days of bulky, un-flexible, hard false nails. I'd liken them to salon gel nails but quicker and of course cheaper. Hallelujah.

The rather slick set I have on my names is called Empty Hearts which I imagine will be one of the stand out designs - how can you go wrong with monochrome or hearts for that matter? The bad news is you will have to wait until March to get your hands on them (pun fully intended) when they hit Boots for £7.99 per kit.

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