Ciate Chocolate Scented Nail Polish Removers

Just when you think you've heard it all along comes a brand and knocks you for six with their latest launch. The current product to leave me more than curious has to be Ciate Chocolate Scented Nail Polish Removers, surely that can't work?

Oh but it does! Initially worried that the chocolate scents would be bizarre given the nature of the product but as the fragrances only come to life after you have removed the polish and allowed the nail polish remover to dry it somehow works wonderfully. At first you are greeted with the typical abrasive chemical scent we all know as nail polish remover but once dry you have true to life Chocolate fragrances - not overtly synthetic at all which is mind boggling in my opinion. I have been trying two of the four fragrances available : Orange Chocolate which reminds me of Jaffa Cakes and Mint Chocolate which is somewhat similar to After Eight Mints. Both have notes of dark bitter chocolate rather than a creamy milk version.

Novelty scents are all fine and dandy but what about the formula?
Well Ciate have included vitamins B5 and Vitamin E to nourish the skin and ensured that it is ammonia free too. I can vouch that is gentle yet effective in removing any normal polish. I apply a little to a cotton pad, push down on the nail firmly and twist removing the polish in one quick move. Glitter is another story but then again I've yet to find a miracle cure for removing glitter polish without resorting to tin foil. 

Basically the Ciate Chocolate Scented Nail Polish Removers arr great fun and more than do the job, the only downside is that they come in glass bottles which could shatter with one wrong move.
You can find all four versions via Ciate for £10 each - link.

- This post contains press samples.