Yankee Christmas Eve Candle

I was going to post about Yankee Christmas Eve Candle on Christmas Eve so that it would be fitting and then I thought to myself that wouldn't at all be fair in case anyone wanted to go out and track down one to light on such eve. After a quick search online this does appear to be out of stock via most online retailers proving it is a popular choice but as recently as yesterday I have seen it in local Yankee retailers so I wouldn't worry.

"Traditional Christmas scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits."

Out of all the Yankee candles I own this has to be one of the trickiest to sum up - it is both fruity yet sweet in an artificial sense and somewhat reminds me of boiled candy sweets. It is rich, warming and does fill the room with a scent that will transport you back to childhood and the excitement of Christmas day. It manages to encapsulate all connotations of the term sweet - including endearing and really is perfect to light in the run up to Christmas Eve to tap into that giddy childish excitement the majority of us have.

As I bought the largish size of the Yankee Christmas Eve my plans are to light it tonight and all the way up to Christmas Eve and then burn it on Christmas Day before putting it in storage for Christmas 2014. It is always nice to start new traditions isn't it?